1991 My first large outdoor installation at a fellow students home

2002 Diamaru Department Store Pacfic Fair Surfers Paradise

2004 Thursday Plantation Sculpture Show - Winner Ephermeral Award. Designed to encourage for people to 'travel through the work -pavers were set into the lawn to encourage this movement. Detail - split bamboo caught in the late afternoon sun. I knew it had to be strong...was stunned when I received this invitation for the following year!!!

 2004.Joint demonstration with Mary Jane Ramsden for Lismore Chapter Ikebana International

2005 Thursday Plantation Sculpture Show - 'Life is a Path' . Representing the ups and downs on lifes journey.

2006 Towoomba  Carnival of Flowers - 'Light at the end of The Tunnel'. This served as the entry to the marquees where competitions  and displays were held

2007 ABC Garden Expo Brisbane - winner of The Floral Display competition 

2007 Towoomba Festival of Flowers - Brief to design a 'tea garden' with seating for 40 people. With an extremely limited budget this proved very challenging to say the least. I conceived it as a sculpture garden using painted palm spads. It was fortunate that sponsors provided some of the material or it would have been impossible on the dollars allocated. First two photos show the area occupied by the garden...The large round platforms to provide seating

2008 ABC Garden Expo Brisbane Winner of The Floral Display Competition. Theme was 'love' . I  saw one side being male strong and vibrant - the other softer being female with the intertwining bamboo connnecting the two.

Ikebana International Lismore Chapter.- Exhibition 'The Four Seasons' -Autumn .This was to represent a specially written haiku.

Darkening sky

A tracery of branches

Frames The Sunset

 A bit of fun at home...made the neigbours sit up !!!

Entry Statement Mt Crosby - hard wood beams & scrap metal